BLAST is a high-order finite element hydrodynamics research code developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It is designed with an emphasis on extreme parallel computing and potential exascale execution. My advisor on this project is Ian Karlin.

Triple Point interaction at q8q7
Triple Point interaction at q8q7

Triple Point q4q3 gif [51 MB]
Over the summer of 2014 I worked on analyzing and improving the calculation of “corner forces.” This computation kernel was responsible for the vast majority of CPU time. I presented the following poster at the LLNL Summer Student Symposium and won an award for the best poster in computation.

In 2015 I returned to LLNL to continue working with BLAST. This work was focused on exploring the performance of various numerical linear algebra packages. BLAST makes use of the MFEM finite element library for most of these calculations by default. These results were compared with the likes of Eigen, Blaze, Armadillo, among others.